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Donuts for all of your Fresh & Frozen Needs: Quality You Can See

Our products are made with only the finest ingredients available. For 70 years, we  have produced the highest quality products and upheld the highest level of customer service. All of our products are Kosher certified and Trans-Fat Free. Our bakeries are BRC inspected and certified. In addition to our listed products, we have the capability of providing customer and product specific programs and projects. We can customize a program to suit your needs!

Our Formats:

Ready to Sell:

Our Pre-Packaged programs can provide significant labor savings. Our re-sealable stackable packaging allows for impressive table displays and allows for a wide variety of flavors and consistent products.

  • Thaw N Finish ProgramA variety of products available:
    • Glazed Yeast Ring Donuts
    • Cake Donuts - glazed, powdered, cinnamon, seasonal
    • Cake Donut Holes- glazed, powdered, cinnamon, seasonal
    • Yeast Holes
    • Gem/Mini Donuts
    • Apple Fritters - hand chopped with real apple chunks
    • Cinnamon Buns
    • PACZKI
    • Raw Pie Shells and many more!

Ready to Finish:

Our variety of donut products ready for finishing touches.

  • High Quality Pre-Fried:
    • Yeast Ring Donuts
    • Bismarks - filled or unfilled
    • Cake Donuts - plain, chocolate, sour cream, and more!
    • Cinnamon Buns
    • Bars
    • Twists
    • Apple Fritters - hand rolled with real apple chunks
    • Cake Donut Holes
    • Yeast Holes
    • French Crullers
    • Seasonal Donuts - blueberry, cherry, strawberry, apple cider, pumpkin and many more!
    • PACZKI

Ready to Serve Food Service Programs:

  • Great tasting Ready to Finish varieties are available finished for ultimate labor savings.

Private Label Programs

  • Customized programs to suit your needs and build your brand name.

Individually Wrapped Program

  • Individually Wrapped Products Individually wrapped product line including:
    • Honey Buns, Gem/Mini Donuts, Full Sized Donuts and more! 
    • F.D.A. Approved Capt’n Gregory’s Fortified Donuts and Honey Buns!

  Seasonal Programs

  • Make every season and celebration special with apple cider donuts, pumpkin fritters, peach filled and everything in between.

Our Specialty Products:


  • Old fashioned hand chopped gourmet fritters made with the highest quality ingredients and real fruit. Ready to Finish, Ready to Sell, or Ready to Serve.


  • Paczki are a traditional fruit filled polish pastry made with only the finest ingredients. Paczkis are enjoyed by millions during the spring season, especially surrounding the “Fat Tuesday” celebration.

Cinnamon Buns and Twists

  • Cinnamon Buns and Twists available in Thaw and Sell, Thaw and Finish, and Thaw and Serve.

Fresh Product Line

  • Maple Donuts offers a large variety of donuts available for fresh delivery through our DSD partners.

Unbaked Pie Shells

  • Available in 8inch, 9inch, and 10inch sizes. 
Kosher - OU Certification
BRC Logo

Our Bakeries are BRC Certified 
Kosher – OU Certified

Kosher - KD Certified

Trans-Fat Free


For more information regarding our product lines and for specific information regarding the products listed please CONTACT US

or email us at

Maple Donuts, Inc. Corporate Headquarters
3455 East Market St. York, PA 17402
Phone: 717-757-7826
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